31 Temmuz 2016 Pazar


travmaları ile sahnede yüzleşecek kadar cesur ve ömürlerinin sonuna dek mesleklerine devam edecek kadar dayanıkli iki aktristten bir anne ile kızının hikayesi...

Rowlands spoke with great warmth about her memories of BD.

“I loved Bette Davis. She was very funny; she had a cruel sense of humor.
“When I grew up, all the women [in the movies] were very obedient, pleasant, and had nice manners. Except it wasn’t so with Bette. Her very independence meant that she would lack a fear of offending. I remember on that movie we did together, I played her daughter. She would get really riled. She was really on the case of the cinematographer, who was one of the nicest people. She came out of the dailies and asked me, ‘Did you see my lips?’ She said, ‘I have on pink lipstick.’ I said, ‘It doesn’t seem so pink to me.’ (She wore it every day.)
“I said I wasn’t paying much attention. She said, ‘Well you better pay attention. Because YOU’RE NO SPRING CHICKEN EITHER.'”

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